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Home > Holidays > Samhain > Samhain Night Search

Samhain Night
by Elspeth Sapphire

They met over the Samhain fire.

Lady and Lord.

Woman and Man.

Her eyes were deep and dark--the sort of eyes a man could get lost in and wander an eternity.

She jumped the balefire, her head thrown back in laughter, before coming to a halt before him. Her fingers trailed feather light down the side of his solemn face.

He swallowed, tried to speak, then swallowed again.

A smile lit her eyes. "You love me."

It was statement, not question.

His voice still in hiding, he managed a small nod.

The Lady reached out her hand and he took her warm fingers in his. Slowly, they began to dance around the roaring fire.

Their steps matched! The Lord was overjoyed! It seemed a good omen on a night filled with omens!

In and out around the fire they wove. They created a design of life, death, and re-birth...a tapesty in praise of the Gods.

When they halted before the embers of the dying fire, the man bowed low in homage. "I am Yours, my Lady!"

A breeze ruffled his hair as he waited for an answer. Finally, it came in a whisper. "Yes. I know."

The answer he desired! He stood once again and looked deep into the universe of her eyes. "My soul is Yours, my Lady!"

The twinkle in Her eyes surprised him. "How can you give me something that has always been mine?" Drawing him into Her warm embrace, she whispered to his heart, "If you have not found me within, do not look without, for I have *always* been with you."


The first rays of the sun found a silent man staring into the ashes of a cold fire. The flames had died, but his heart burned still with all that he had found this Samhain night.

For more information on Samhain (Halloween),
visit The Cauldron's Samhain Page

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