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The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other constaints. If you cannot find any spells here (or elsewhere on the web -- try googling) that could suit your purpose, the web master will be happy to search through his files and send you any spells he feels might be likely candidates via email (see our spell search service for more information) or you can obtain a zipped collection of the text files with most of the webmaster's collection of spells for your own use -- over 1.5 megs of text files containing hundreds and hundreds of spells. Here are some of the files included:

over 275K of love spells
over 200K of healing spells
over 150K of herbal spells
over 140K of protection spells
over 100K of money spells
over 60K of "wishing" spells
over 50K of "reversing spells"
over 30K of luck spells
and files full of justice spells, glamour spells, poppet spells, banishing spells, employment spells,lost things spells and more

Important Notes

  • While not all the the spells in this collection are of the "cause no possible harm" variety, there are no death spells or other spells designed to solely cause harm. If you are looking for "black magic" this is not the spell collection for you.
  • We make no claims about the effectiveness of spells provided. These spells are simply ones the webmaster has collected over the years.

These spell files are plain ascii text (which can be read with programs like Notepad and Wordpad -- ans similar programs included with other operating systems). Many of these files are pasted captures of spells from web sites that have not been available since the late 1990s. These files are not formated for "pretty", but are quite readable. They are in English.

Bonus Extras

Also included in the file with all these spells are copies of several texts on Chaos magic, eleven lessons on magick, a pdf copy of the Long Lost Friend (a book of American folk spells and charms from the 1800s) and a copy of The Ancient Book of Formulas (formulas for many magical incenses, oils, and powders).

You can get a zipped file containing all these spells in text files for a US$25.00 donation to The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. Your donation helps the Hosts pay the huge bills resulting from oral cancer. To obtain this file, press the make a donation button below. You will be taken to a Paypal form where you can make your donation. Be sure your email program/web mail site is set to accept mail from any address at or so the results email will reach you. You should receive an email telling you how to download a copy of the zipped file of spells (if you do not, use the report a problem link at the bottom of the page.) Note that this email is sent manually by the webmaster and usually takes no more than 2 business days (after Paypal clears your donation payment) -- most of the time, the webmaster will email you the information as soon as he next checks email, which he usually does several times a day.

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Download Hundreds of Magic Spells

The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other constaints. If you would like them all -- over 1.5 megs of spells in text files -- you can download them all for a twenty-five dollar donation.

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