Pagan Forum Alliance

What is the Pagan Forum Alliance?

The Pagan Forum Alliance is a "webring-like" association of publicly accessible Pagan-oriented discussion forums and mailing lists which adhere to the following standards:

  • Forums are not run as part of or for the primary benefit of a commercial entity.
  • Forums stress critical thinking over blanket acceptance of ideas based on their popularity.
  • Forums do not support racism, hatred, generalized bashing of other religions, or illegal activities which are harmful to others. (This last includes being somewhat conservative with respect to posting copyrighted material.)
  • Forums treat Wicca as one religion among many separate and distinct Pagan religions.
  • Each forum has clear, reasonable rules which are posted where they can be easily found.
  • Each forum has an active staff and relatively unbiased moderation.
  • Each forum encourages open discussion and allows for polite debate of ideas and issues.

The above standards are admittedly and purposely subjective in part as they are designed to be flexible rather than dogmatic.

Unlike a "real" webring, Pagan Forum Alliance members simply state they are a member of the Pagan Forum Alliance and include a prominent link to this page on their forum or mailing list's web site. Nothing fancy, but there are no broken links as sites go up and down to "break the ring."


Apply For Membership

If you are the forum or list owner of an established, active, public online Pagan forum (i.e. an Internet mailing list or web message board) which you believe qualifies for membership (see above box), click here to go to our online membership application form.


Current Member Forums

The following forums are currently members of the Pagan Forum Alliance. If you like one forum on this list, chances are you may like some of the other member forums as well. This list is divided into groups based on recent average activity -- average number of messages posted each month.

Very Active Forums
[Recently averaging over 1000 messages a month]

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
Founded in December 1997, The Cauldron is an active place to discuss all forms of Paganism and Interfaith issues (not to mention life itself) in a polite, generally serious, and often scholarly manner. With over 70,000 messages posted in our latest incarnation (and over 400,000 in previous incarnations here, here, and here) and a large web site, The Cauldron has lots of information available.
Forum Link:
Web Site:

Pagan Forum
Pagan Forum is a forum that has opened its doors to everyone, no matter what religion, its a place to talk about different views of Pagan paths and hear views from other faiths. All we ask is that new users respect all faiths, and those that are not in a Pagan path, to understand our users do not wish to be converted.
Forum Link:

Active Forums
[Recently averaging over 100 messages a month]

Asatru Lore
Asatru Lore is a forum for discussion about all things Heathen, from the perspective of other religions as well as the Asatru faith. As well, it is a place where every person is welcome, regardless of beliefs, to discuss and/or debate any topic, so long as respect for others is maintained.
Forum Link:

Hellenic Pagan
A list of people interested in Graeco-Roman Paganism and religious practices of the ancient Hellenic world, as well as to facilitate communications between Hellenic Polytheists/Pagans. This list is for polytheists with explorations into the myths, gods, and ancient practices as well as personal experiences.
Mailing List Link:

Less Active Forums
[Recently averaging less than 100 messages a month]

Angelseaxisce Ealdriht Discussion Boards
A forum for the discussion of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry or paganism along with its related religion of Asatru. Anyone is welcome regardless of belief, all we ask is that folks please stay on topic.
Forum Link:
Web Site:

Lakes Region Pagans
Lakes Region Pagans (LRP) exists to network, socialize, and serve as a resource for Pagans living in the NE Illinois and SE Wisconsin areas. All Pagans are welcome, whether living in the direct area or outside of it.
Mailing List Link:

Naos Hekate
Naos Hekate is intended for discussion of the Goddess Hekate, primarily in her Greek and Roman forms. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the religions of the ancient world, magic, Hekate's role in art and literature, modern reconstructionist religions and other forms of Paganism.
Forum Link:
Web Site:

Reconstructionist Interfaith
Reconstructionist Interfaith exists tofacilitate information exchange, support, and networking among the members of modern Reconstructionist religions such as Hellenismos, Religio Romana, Romuva, and Asatru, as well as traditional forms of Kemetic and Celtic religion.
Mailing List Link:

Inactive Forums
[Recently averaging less than 10 messages a month]

Bridget's Grove
A Celtic Pagan forum. We work hard to be a good resource for information about the Celtic beliefs.
Forum Link:

Teen Witch Online
Teen Witch is staffed by a group of caring adults and teens. We wish to provide the teens of the world with some honest, non-judgmental, quality information on witchcraft, paganism and beyond.
Forum Link:
Web Site:


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