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We're renamed our newsletter from Cauldron News to Cauldron and Candle. Cauldron News started out as a brief announcement newsletter about updates to our web site. While you will still find this information in our newsletter, it has expanded over the years to include:

We try to publish Cauldron and Candle once a month. However, mundane life occasionally slows publication to once every two months. We have been known to publish special editions on rare occasions if something important comes up between regular issues. If you'd like to receive Cauldron and Candle you can subscribe in the box to the right.

Note: If you are looking for the Mike Howards's UK Pagan print magazine, The Cauldron, this email newsletter is not it. You'll find subscribtion info for Mike's magazine at http://www.the-cauldron.fsnet.co.uk/.

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