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Home > Holidays > 1997 Ostara Ritual Log Search

1997 Ostara Ritual Log

This is the log of The Grove's online Ostara ritual from 1997. (The Grove was the group that preceded The Cauldron.) This log has been edited to remove extraneous comments.

.Ghost> Gather to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness!
.Ghost> Spring returns to the land!
.Ghost> The young god of Light once more finds his way to the maiden goddess in the eternal cycle of birth, life, death, and re-birth.
.Ghost> Together again as lovers They bring the stirring of new life to the land and its people... even as the womb of the goddess is quickened to new life -- life which will grow in the warmth of Spring and heat of Summer to be born as the renewed god at Yule.
.Ghost> Ostara is a time of new beginnings...
.Ghost> Of hope for the future...
.Ghost> A time of discovery... and re-discovery.
.Ghost> It is a time for finding new things within yourself and others... and for planting new ideas or plans for the world of renewed opportunities Spring brings.
.Ghost> You all have your egg, candle and marker? Or a vision of them?
.D&P> yes
.Elspeth> Yes.
.GF> yes
.TL> Yes.
.terri> yes
.Randall> yes
.Ann> Yes
.Ghost> Gather then, if you will... with glad hearts and welcoming spirits... Celebrate and open yourself to Spring.
.Ghost> Now is the time... Journey with me, if you would, to a sheltered glade deep in the Grove... shrouded now in night's dark cloak.
.Ghost> Stars burn bright and steady overhead... piercing pinpricks of light in the fabric of the night sky.
.Ghost> The pre-dawn air is cool against your skin... carrying the wild scent of trees and other growing things that lean close to watch and listen and guard our gathering.
.Ghost> Feel the power rising through the soles of your feet as you take your place in the circle, bringing with it the calming strength and power of the Earth Mother.
.Ghost> Welcome the strength and peace...
.Ghost> let it merge with your own.
.Ghost> Draw a deep and cleansing breath of the cool, refreshing forest air... finding balance and peace with yourself and the land.
.Ghost> Release the breath slowly... letting it carry away all that troubles your thoughts and heart.
.Ghost> Another breath -- follow the steadying power to the center of your own inner self as the rhythm of your heart becomes the soft beating of the most sacred drum of all.
.Ghost> Return the power to the Earth Mother with gratitude as you complete the connection -- knowing it is there... yours to call on whenever you need it.
.Ghost> You are centered within yourself... grounded, yet connected as well.
.Ghost> Type <> when ready to continue our journey.
.Elspeth> <>
.Ann> <>
.Randall> <>
.terri> <>
.TL> <>
.GF> <>
.D&P> <>
.Ghost> You are not alone in the night...
.Ghost> Others are here... others dedicated to the same purpose.
.Ghost> Reach out to them... feel the interconnections binding each to the others and to the task at hand.
.Ghost> Feel your own power and theirs mingling... each adding their part as it is passed from one to another...
.Ghost> The power passes to me... to guard and hold... and use in the name of those gathered here to celebrate the return of Spring.
.Ghost> Type <> when you have joined the Circle of celebrants.
.terri> <>
.Elspeth> <>
.Ann> <>
.Randall> <>
.GF> <>
.TL> <>
.D&P> <>
.Ghost> Wood lies ready and waiting at the rim of our circle...
.Ghost> Pine to the East for Spiritual Growth...
.Ghost> Beech to the South for steadfast Faith and Trust...
.Ghost> Hickory to the West for Endurance of our design...
.Ghost> And Oak to the North for Spiritual Strength and Power.
.Ghost> The torch-bearer stands waiting in the North as light begins to conquer the darkness in the East with the dawning of a new day.
.Ghost> With birchwood staff and cleansing fire... let it begin...
.Elspeth> I walk to the unlit Northern fire, my birchwood staff in my hand. I stand for a moment, looking into the star strewed night. Slowly, deliberately, I walk to the Eastern fire ... the staff drawing a line in the dirt...
.Elspeth> I once again look skyward.
.Elspeth> "Winds of the East, hear me!
.Elspeth> Guardians of Order, Senders of Knowledge out of Chaos,
.Elspeth> Ward and Guide us on our Journey!"
.Elspeth> I bend down to light the wood of pine.
.Elspeth> "We would grow and learn of ourselves."
.Elspeth> "Winds of the South, hear me!
.Elspeth> Guardians of Trust and Faith, Senders of Belief,
.Elspeth> Hold us and make our step sure as we travel."
.Elspeth> The balefire of beech wood is lit.
.Elspeth> "We would trust and believe."
.Elspeth> To the west I go, my staff following...
.Elspeth> "Winds of the West, Hear me!
.Elspeth> Guardians of the Inner Self, Senders of self-knowledge,
.Elspeth> Help us to learn and to change as we Will."
.Elspeth> With a touch of the sacred fire, the hickory wood lights.
.Elspeth> "We would endure and thrive."
.Elspeth> Grant us the patience and openness to learn."
.Elspeth> I stoop and light the wood of royal oak. Standing again, I once again look skyward.
.Elspeth> "We would be strong in Your magick."
.Elspeth> I return to the center of the circle and bow.
.Elspeth> "The Circle is whole, held by fire and earth, air and water ... warded and safe."
.Ghost> There are Those who watch with interest what we would do here.
.Ghost> If you would call Them to you... If you would invite a special aspect of the god or goddess to bear witness and join our Circle...
.Ghost> Do so now... type <> when finished.
.Ann> <>
.Elspeth> Join us, my Dark Mistress. Protect and advise. <>
.TL> <>
.terri> Lord of Light and Lady of the Moon, be welcome to our circle! Celebrate the Spring with us! <>
.D&P> We call upon Pele, Lono, Diana, Green Man & Pan to come celebrate with us <>
.Kris> <>
.Randall> Lady Athena, join us and grant us a portion of thy wisdom as we celebrate the Spring. <G>
.Ghost> I call the Wolf-Lord... Brother of the Winds... Pathfinder... Teacher...
.Ghost> Guard this our Circle and guide my steps on the Path.
.Ghost> The Circle is cast.
.Ghost> The Power is joined.
.Ghost> The time is now.
.Ghost> Light the white candle in reflection of the ward fires...
.Ghost> bringing their protection and warmth closer to your own place in the Circle.
.Ghost> Eggs have long been a symbol of unity, oneness, nourishment...
.Ghost> the miracle of birth and Spring.
.Ghost> From the ancient days when snake eggs dyed the Sacred and powerful red of life's-blood were exchanged...
.Ghost> to the more modern use of bright colors eggs hidden for later discovery, eggs have played an important part in the celebration of Spring.
.Ghost> Take the egg you brought into your hand...
.Ghost> Let it rest lightly on the palm of your Power hand (the one you write with) and look at it.
.Ghost> Let it partake of the energy raised here...
.Ghost> All of us have some aspect of ourselves that we would like to change or improve or strengthen or gain...
.Ghost> Think of yourself and what you would want.
.Ghost> Perhaps more than one comes to mind... perhaps many more... or they might change from instant to instant as you look inward.
.Ghost> Select one or two that you most strongly desire and focus on them... setting the others aside for the moment.
.Ghost> Gaze at the egg in the purifying light of the candle for a moment... focusing your desire on it... into it.
.Ghost> Think positively about your wish and your ability to obtain it.
.Ghost> When you have your goal clearly in mind, mark a sign on the shell to symbolize that which you would obtain. The symbol need only have meaning within yourself.
.Ghost> Type <> when ready to go on.
.Ann> <>
.GF> <>
.D&P> <>
.Elspeth> <>
.Randall> <>
.Kris> <>
.terri> <>
.TL> <>
.Ghost> Look at the egg a moment longer in the candle's glow...
.Ghost> again visualizing the meaning you assigned the symbol.
.Ghost> Focus on your desire to change... your willingness to devote your energy to the gaining of that which you want to attain.
.Ghost> Believe in your ability to achieve this...
.Ghost> When ready, crack the shell carefully where you drew the sign... releasing the power you've given the symbol.
.Ghost> Peel the egg... keeping your goal ever in mind as I release the power raised by the Circle for our purpose...
.Ghost> Take at least one bite of the egg without the grounding influence of salt... accepting the power imbued within it into yourself...
.Ghost> If you do not wish to eat the egg, lay it aside for now and bury it afterwards so that its energy can be released by the Earth Mother for your use.
.Ghost> Leave your candle burning until it goes out on its own, or until the egg is finished (either eaten or buried). If need be, snuff it out then with a feeling of gratitude for its aid in gaining your desire.
.Ghost> The Spirit of unity remains...
.Ghost> The task is complete...
.Ghost> You have the power and the strength to attain that which you asked for.
.Ghost> Now is the time for celebration. :)
.Ghost> Take what you have wrought within yourself...
.Ghost> and rejoice in the newness of Spring.
.Ghost> All who invited deity, give thanks for Their assistance today, please.
.TL> <>
.Ann> Thank you, my Prince, for your presence and aid -- go if you must, stay if you will. <>
.Kris> <>
.GF> <>
.Randall> Thank you, my Lady for your presence, your wisdom, and your protection. <>
.Elspeth> Thank you, My Lady. Go if You must... stay if You will. <>
.terri> <>
.Ghost> Peace be between me and thee, my Lord... my thanks for Your guidance... <>
.D&P> Thank YOU Pele, Lon, Diana, GreenMan & Pan Stay if you want go in Peace and love if you shall <>
.Ghost> The Circle is open... but unbroken... It lives on within each of us.
.terri> blessed be!
.Ghost> Thank you for your time, energy and tolerance all. :)
.Randall> Blessed be!
.Ann> Blessed be!
.D&P> blessed Be!
.TL> Blessed Be!
.GF> Blessed Be!
.Ghost> Merry meet, merry part... and merry meet again.
.terri> it was BEAUTIFUL Ghost..thank you so much for sharing it with us
.Elspeth> Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!
.roo> {{{hugs ghost!}}}} that was wonderful!
.Kris> Please forgive my interuption in the middle of everything. :)
.TL> It was wonderful, Ghost!
.Ann> It was marvelous, Ghost!
.terri> Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again
.D&P> merry meet, merry part and merry meet again
.Randall> Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again.
.Ghost> No prob, Kris... sorry you got dumped.
.GF> Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again.
.Elspeth> Beloved? A question...
.Ghost> Yes, m'love?
.TL> Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again.
.D&P> Merry meet Merry Part and Merry Meet again
.Elspeth> If I throw up the egg, does that undo the spell? ::giggle::
.GF> Yes Ghost, I was very impressed. Excellent job!
.terri> LOL
.GF> lol
.Randall> ::Randall hugs Ghost::
.Kris> Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again
.Ann> Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!
.D&P> lol
.Ghost> No, m'love. Once you take it in, it is yours. :)
.Randall> I don't think so, my love. <g>
.Elspeth> Thought so. :)
.Elspeth> I only gagged twice. :)
.Ghost> Can I fall down now, btw?
.D&P> Beautiful and Awesome Ghost Thank YOU!!
.terri> <<<<hugs>>>>
.roo> {{{{Hugs!}}}} {{{{Hugs!}}}}
.TL> ::giggle::

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