Lodestone Healing Spell

This spell requires a special lodestone which is kept in a red charm bag and used only for healing.

When you are ready to heal, tell the lodestone you want it to remove all sickness from the person, naming the person by name. Then take the lodestone and pass it over the person's body from head to foot, one stroke at a time. After each stroke the stone is to be dipped in a bucket of cool water.

This requires about fifty strokes, from the center of the head to the toes and then to the bucket of water. If the person is bed ridden, he or she is turned over to allow the magnet to stroke every part of the body.

Once the stroking is completed, the lodestone is thanked and replaced in the bag. The bucket of water is emptied in the middle of a road. Be careful that it does not splash on the person who empties it.

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