Charm to Be Rid an Affliction

Gather a quart of water from some spring or stream, and pour it into a large bowl, set within a darkened chamber; by candlelight, then, take a silver knife and write with its point upon the water's surface the name of that which afflicts you. Next, soak a small lock of lamb's wool first in a sweet scented oil and second in some red wine. Carry it to the bowl and drop it into the water, saying:

The dark be lightened
the harsh be softened
the rank be sweetened.
By the power of the blade
and by the power of the water.

Leave the lamb's wool there to soak all night, until sunrise, when it should be removed, wrung out, and set to dry upon a small circle of white velvet cloth. Meanwhile, the contents of the bowl should be emptied out into a hole dug into the Earth, and the hole filled again. When the lamb's wool is quite dry, it should be sewn up in the velvet and pinned beneath your clothing, to be worn there for a full month, and thereafter kept elsewhere in safety, that its charmed powers may not be diminished through neglect.

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