Spell for Healing Colds

This spell is useful for healing colds and other minor, common diseases.


  • 6 small green candles
  • healing oil (see below)
  • matches
  • Picture of sick friend (not necessary, visualization will do)

On the first day of symptoms, in a private space away from anyone, take the six green candles, anoint them with healing oil in the direction of banishing for getting rid of illness and meditate your purpose over them (healing for a friend), and then light the candles one by one for six hours (one on each hour), chanting the following 3 times for each candle while visualizing your friend's face (or looking at the photo):

Candle green and flame of gold,
Gather energies of worlds untold,
Bring to me it's healing light,
To focus on my dear friend's (lover's) plight.
When six are gone, a quarter day,
Take (name)'s sickness away.

Symptoms should fade partially or completely (depending on virility of illness) overnight.

Healing Oil

In 1/2 oz of base oil (jojoba, almond, grape seed,etc.) add:

5 drops Lavender oil
5 drops Camphor oil
5 drops Eucalyptus oil
5 drops Orange oil
3 drops Rosemary oil
2 drops Pine oil
4 drops Sandalwood oil

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